[pct-l] Pooh Corner 2009

Bill Person bill at billperson.org
Thu Apr 9 09:43:16 CDT 2009

Again in 2009, Bill and Molly Person will be providing free hospitality, in
their home, for Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers at the Donner Summit (old
hi-way 40) area just north of Lake Tahoe. We live about four miles from the
PCT and will pick up and deliver hikers from the trail. Just call us
at 530-587-4485.

Pooh Corner receives food drops, provides beds, meals, showers, laundry,
etc.  We also make airport runs for significant others and anything else we
can to support thru hikers in their quests. Our cabin faces on Donner Lake
and provides swimming boating, etc. or just plain loafing.

In 2009, Molly and I will be open from June 21 through the night of July 24.
Then we are off to celebrate our grandson's birthday. My friend Norman
Bookstein, who has covered for us in the past, expects to staff Pooh Corner
from July 25 through the endd of the month

Sorry, we do not allow alcoholic beverages, tobacco or illegal substances at
Pooh Corner.

Mail to Truckee is VERY slow!!!  Priority mail usually takes six days or
more to reach us.  We pick up mail once a day in the early afternoon.  We
mail outgoing mail for hikers departing on Saturday and Sunday only.

Bill hiked the AT in 96 (Pooh, SillyOldBear) and welcomes the chance to
repay a little of the hospitality I received.  Here is our contact
*Food Drops & communications* (This is the local mailing service)

   Bill & Molly Person
   PMB 154
   11448 Deerfield Dr.
   Truckee, CA 96161
   (530) 587-4485
   bill at billperson.org
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   http://BillPerson.org <http://billperson.org/> <http://billperson.org/>

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