[pct-l] my first backpacking trip

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Thu Apr 9 14:08:08 CDT 2009

)What aches and pains lessen with more and more backpacking experience?
   -Everyone hurt on me:thighs, hip flexors, back, and cuts from my hip 
    straps on my waist

The more you hike the stronger you'll get. Walk at least 4 times a week for at least 4 miles, then increase distance (get up to 6 and 7 miles if that's what you'll be hiking). Increase as you get stronger to the mileage you want. Lessen number of days on the trail, down to even 2 if you are doing 7 to 8 miles each trip. To make a longer story short, simply hike as much as you can. Go easy with speed to avoid injury. Use hiking pole or poles.

2)What aches and pains are normal from your backpack?
   -I took a 5 year old Gregory Forester that felt all wrong for me.  It 
    weighed 5 pounds and felt like it was pulling my shoulders and chest 
    apart.  The waist straps didn't really feel like sat on my hips so 
    it felt like all the load was on my shoulders.  I'm thinking of 
    returning my forester for a new UL model.

You can easily get your pack weight to 2.5 to 3 pds. That will be with a frame, not frameless as the REALLY light weight guys use (1.5 to 2 pds.)

3)Anyone gotten sick using a water filter? 
   -I took a Katadyn Hiker water filter, but didn't even need to use it.
    Had I planned a longer trip though, I would have gotten water from 
    some fungus streams

Yes. I prefer chemical treatment.

are we there yet

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