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---- Nia Schmald <nschmald1 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I have this fantasy that I'll have so much energy and time this summer 
> that I can take my time on the hike.  I'd like to see some areas on the 
> wider pct corridor.  What are some favorite spots within a day hike or 
> overnighter off of the pct?

There's so much!

Around the Whitney area, you could take the High Sierra Trail over to the The Big Arroyo.

At Vidette Meadow, you could take a use trail south up Vidette Creek to the lakes. A very pretty spot. And if you're feeling frisky, one of the best climbs in the Sierra is on Deerhorn Mountain.

You could follow Bubbs Creek to Junction Meadow and then up the trail to East Lake.

>From Rae Lakes, you could take the trail west to Sixty Lakes Basin. Mt. Cotter is an easy climb, maybe 5 hours round trip, with really nice views of Clarence King, Gardiner and more.

At the LeConte Ranger Station, you could climb up into Dusy Basin. Then from Bishop Pass climb Mt. Agassiz, the best class 2 climb in California, for spectacular views of the Palisades.

In Evolution Valley, you could cross country to Darwin Bench which can have incredible displays of flowers.

At the Piute Pass Trail junction, you could head into Humphreys Basin, once known as Desolation Basin, and camp below Mt. Humphreys at Desolation Lake.

There is a side trail to Seven Gables, one of the most photographed mountains in the Sierra.

At Devil's Postpile, you should be a tourist and check out Rainbow Falls.

In Yosemite, Cloud's Rest is a must see.


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