[pct-l] Questions 3,4,5, and parking at Warner Springs

mark v allemande6 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 12:10:20 CDT 2009

3.   People have still gotten sick while using a water filter, but there's no real way to prove it was actually from the water.  Giardia can spread through unwashed hands, sharing food, etc.  If you use the filter right, you should have the water taken care of.

4.  The general thru-hiker consensus is to sleep with your food INside your tent most places, so critters (even bears) can't swipe it as easily.  The only places i've evermheard of bear/food problems are:

The High Sierra through the end of Yosemite (canister very required)
Around the most popular and national park trailheads and campsites, like Lassen or Mt. Hood  (just camp away from busy sites)

By the time y ou get to Washington, you'll want to rig up some sort of system to keep mice out of your tent if your food is in there.  I hung my food bag from the trekking pole used to support my tarptent, and that worked.

5.  No beer from the earth that i heard of, but you might once in a great while happen upon a trail magic cooler.  Does that count?

The time i parked for 3 days at Warner Springs, we left the car along the street at the Fire Station.  Pop in and ask them so they know what your car is there for.

Let's see if this makes it past the censors...


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