[pct-l] Rides to/from Cabazon in May?

Ingrid Rosenfelder Ingrid.Rosenfelder at web.de
Thu Apr 9 14:45:29 CDT 2009

First of all, a big Hello from a relative newbie!  I'm planning to partially thru-hike the PCT this summer (meaning I'll simply start walking and see how far I'll get in six months) and am pretty excited about it, but have been too busy so far with my preparations to contribute much to this list.

However, seeing Cabazon mentioned in the last few posts, I consider this a good opportunity to post a related question:

I'll need to get off the trail for about a week in May, and so far I've been planning to leave/come back to it via Cabazon.  More specifically:  

- leave from Cabazon to get to San Diego on Tuesday, May 12, 2009
- leave from San Diego to get to Cabazon on Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now I have figured out how to do this with public transportation, the only thing is that it's going to take me more or less one full day.  (I'm not from the U.S., so no chance of using my own car or getting a ride from some friends.)  So I was wondering if anybody would happen to go in these directions by car on the respective dates who would be willing to give me a ride?  Not necessarily all the way to/from San Diego, but a Greyhound station with more than one connection per day would be a HUGE help...  :-)   (Of course I'll pitch in on the gas.)

Cheers, and happy trails, 


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