[pct-l] Rides to/from Cabazon in May?

Will Hiltz will.hiltz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 14:49:58 CDT 2009


There is probably bus service from Big Bear City back into LA, and I know
for a fact that there is public transportation from Onyx (hitch from Walker
Pass) to Bakersfield, from where you can get wherever you want.  There is
also a Greyhound stop in Mojave.  All of these places will be easier for you
to exit the trail back into a major city.  I speak from experience, as I had
an interesting time hitching from Idyllwild into LA in 2007.  Maybe you can
get to one of these places instead?



On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 3:45 PM, Ingrid Rosenfelder <
Ingrid.Rosenfelder at web.de> wrote:

> First of all, a big Hello from a relative newbie!  I'm planning to
> partially thru-hike the PCT this summer (meaning I'll simply start walking
> and see how far I'll get in six months) and am pretty excited about it, but
> have been too busy so far with my preparations to contribute much to this
> list.
> However, seeing Cabazon mentioned in the last few posts, I consider this a
> good opportunity to post a related question:
> I'll need to get off the trail for about a week in May, and so far I've
> been planning to leave/come back to it via Cabazon.  More specifically:
> - leave from Cabazon to get to San Diego on Tuesday, May 12, 2009
> - leave from San Diego to get to Cabazon on Tuesday, May 19, 2009
> Now I have figured out how to do this with public transportation, the only
> thing is that it's going to take me more or less one full day.  (I'm not
> from the U.S., so no chance of using my own car or getting a ride from some
> friends.)  So I was wondering if anybody would happen to go in these
> directions by car on the respective dates who would be willing to give me a
> ride?  Not necessarily all the way to/from San Diego, but a Greyhound
> station with more than one connection per day would be a HUGE help...  :-)
> (Of course I'll pitch in on the gas.)
> Cheers, and happy trails,
> Ingrid
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