[pct-l] Paradise Cafe Operating Days

Dave and Cindy hikeon at surewest.net
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Don't forget their cobbler!!  Zorro from Barcelona did not even know what 
Cobbler was until he tried some from the Paradise Cafe.  What a treat.
We called ahead from our cell phone last year.  The Cafe closed early on 
Wednesday and we knew we were never going to make it in time.  So, Tarzan 
called and ordered three burgers one for each of us with a choice of five 
different cheeses and at least three choices of sides, using his visa card. 
When we arrived, about three hours after closing, the burgers were there 
waiting for us on the picnic table.  The owner came out and said we could 
use the facilities if we wanted.  Tarzan went inside and then asked if she 
had any desserts!!!  She said, sure, would you like some cobbler ala mode? 
What a thing to ask a thru hiker!!!  Very nice people and well worth the 
extra mile.

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> Hi everyone.  I just noticed in the 2009 update to Yogi's handbook that it 
> is still listing the Paradise Cafe just west of trail mile 151 on Highway 
> 74 as being open Wed through Monday and closed on Tuesday.  I was just 
> there on Saturday April 4th.  There are closed on BOTH Monday and Tuesday. 
> As A Bat's water report has the correct operating hours.  While I ate 
> dinner I talked to one of the owners about this and she said until 
> business picks up they will remain closed on both Monday and Tuesday.  If 
> business picks up they may go back to being closed on just Tuesdays.  So 
> keep this in mind if you planned on eating there and/or picking up a 
> resupply box there.  Yes, they still have the Jose Burger ($9.25 with 
> fries) and a good selection of cold beer.
> I-Beam
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