[pct-l] Off the beaten path...."ONCE BITTEN FOREVER HOOKED"

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Apr 10 03:24:24 CDT 2009

There is so much to see, so many peaks to bag, one could spend a lifetime exploring the Sierra 
and never see it all...that's why I never made it to Canada...I always get stuck in the Sierra.

The Sierra is like a beautiful woman...."ONCE BITTEN, FOREVER HOOKED".

Boy, did I ever get bitten good....she got me about 40 years ago and I still keep coming back
for more.
Yes, maybe it's best for the thrus to just keep on moving down the trail, for "once bitten,
forever hooked", and they will never make it to Canada.

JMT Reinhold
The Sierra addict 

Stephen wrote:

Ha !!!
And here has always been my dilema expressed quite indirectly by the last 
few responses...
The Sierra is in your face awsome.  But the problem for thru hikers is it is 
long.  Side trips while a nice thought will probably not be many if any. 
Plan a resupply at Independence and you'll get a nice fairy easy hike over 
the Eastern crest.  Mt Gould right off Keasarge pass is a nice easy climb 
and has a decent view and wouldn't take too much time, about an hour or 45 
min up.  The summit blocks are really fun class three.  Split Mt is very 
close to and just sout east of Mather Pass, takes approx 2 hours to 
hike/scramble up from the big lake just off the JMT/PCT.  Figure half a day. 
This peaks is 14,003' about and has a very good view and the area, Upper 
Basin, is one of the premier areas of the Sierra with easy cross country. 
Farther along north, also just off the trail south of Muir Pass is Black 
Giant.  Both Split and Black are walk up climbs (class 1).  You go over some 
easy cross country to get to Black Giant Pass and then on up to the summit. 
Though not extememly high, Black Giant rates quite high on the oh my god 
view scale.  That one is about a couple hours from trail to summit probably 
at the most.  There are also a couple peaks right off Muir Pass like Mt 
There's so much to see and do, esspecially if into climbing, photography, or 
fishing that one may never make it to Canada. Better to just ramble on thru 
and stick to the trail.  I've met many thru-hikers who say something like, 
"wow, wish we could stay and look around more, but got to be gettin on up 
the trail."

 Gary wrote:
 There is so much..................

 Reinhold wrote:
// While in the Sierra, on the JMT-PCT section, you should of course consider 
// bagging Mt. Whitney,
// 14,494 and Mt. Langley, 14,027 just south of Whitney and west of Rock 
// Creek.
// The Sixty Lake Basin just east of Rae Lakes is well worth seeing.
// And Banner, 12,936 and Ritter, 13143 and the Minarets towering over Garnet 
// & Thousand Island
// Lakes are some of the most sparkling jewels of the Sierra and are 
// definitely worth exploring.
// You should also consider camping at Rae, Garnet, and Thousand Island 
// Lakes, for they are truly
// some of the most beautiful lakes in the Sierra.
// Enjoy your hike and savor the Sierra....truly one of the most beautiful & 
// spectacular mountain
// range in the world.
// JMT Reinhold
// ---------------------------------

// Shutterbug wrote:

// Bag the highest peaks in the three ranges in SoCal- the three saints
// Section B
// San Jacinto 10486ft----- 6 or so miles off the PCT - easiest and most 
// maintained from Saddle Junction ---- even hike over the the Palm Springs 
// Tram
// Section C
// San Gorgonio 11585ft ----- dirt road walk to Fish Creek TH and then summit 
// on maintained trail from there.  Highest in SoCal 8 miles from fish creek
// Section D
// San Antonio (Mt Baldy) 10064ft- before Acorn Trail to Wrightwood take the 
// Devils Back Bone Trail - over Pine and Dawson Mountains and up Mt Baldy. 
// Some up and down saddles between peaks and very steep.  In some spots some 
// severe drop offs of 1000 ft while walking on the spinte  Trail is not 
// maintained anymore but is fairly well marked when not snow covered. About 
// 6 miles and 5000 ft gain from PCT and by far my favorite way to the top.

//// All three of these

// giggles wrote:

//////// I have this fantasy that I'll have so much energy and time this summer
// that I can take my time on the hike.  I'd like to see some areas on the
// wider pct corridor.  What are some favorite spots within a day hike or
// overnighter off of the pct?

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