[pct-l] Off the beaten path

Diane at Santa Barbara Hikes dot com diane at santabarbarahikes.com
Fri Apr 10 09:41:51 CDT 2009

The guide book lists alternate routes from time-to-time. I enjoyed  
taking those marked as "lake-blessed". Since the PCT tends to stay  
away from water, it is nice to have a change.

I, for one, did not feel energetic enough to go on side trips bagging  
peaks or sightseeing, with the exception of heading down to Yosemite  
Valley and taking the Mist Trail. And once on the trail, I did feel  
hesitant to leave the trail for fear of either not finding an easy  
way back, missing part of the trail or falling too far behind friends  
I hoped to see again, etc. So the alternate routes recommended in the  
guide book fit my needs well.

As far as the Sierra goes, they are quite beautiful. But they are  
kind of gray. I really thought when the rocks had more color the  
beauty was more amazing to me. At Sonora Pass I thought the views  
were spectacular. And now, having seen the PCT2008 Video, I can't  
wait to see Washington. Those mountains appeared to blow the Sierra  
away in grandeur, brooding and fecundity. I cannot wait!

P.S. I sent a message about how much I enjoyed the PCT2008 video but  
I think I used the wrong address. Great job you guys. I really  
enjoyed it. I felt homesick, excited and sad to see all the wonderful  
people I met without ever knowing their real names. I'm thinking I  
might carry business cards with me this year with my real name, email  
and web site so I can see friends again in real life later.

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