[pct-l] SPOT locations on Postholer Maps/Journal

enyapjr at comcast.net enyapjr at comcast.net
Fri Apr 10 11:38:13 CDT 2009

> Those with a SPOT device can now have there locations show up on postholer 
> maps from their journals. Every time a reader clicks on the map link or 
> lat/lon link from your journal, your SPOT locations will appear.
> It's easy to set up. Here's how:
> + in 'Journal Setup' add your SPOT device number (ESN)
> + optionally, select a display delay value
> + add spot at postholer.com to your SPOT friends list
>That's it! Your all set.

Sounds great, postholer... Thanks for yet another unique feature added to the 
Postholer Journals...

The SPOT has been on my list of 'considerations' - NOT as an emergency device, but 
rather a way to 'share' my journey with family and friends by sending out a daily
location, or two (plus I could have record of my 'camp' spots after the trek, also)... 
Family and friends could get a feel for my surroundings at each location via the 
satellite, terrain, MyTopo, and Earth view options... It may relieve some of their
potential stress knowing my location(s) when I'm 'out of touch' for up to 10 days!

Hopefully at least one of the '09 Postholer Journals will utilize this feature - I'd 
like to show the possibilities to some family/friends...

Happy trails!!!
Jim / PITA

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