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You folks might want to check this out about the old logo of the PCT--- On Fri, 4/10/09, Jim Eagleton <eagleton at hotmail.com> wrote:

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You youngsters.  My membership card had expired before your first entry.  I did a section hike in 1976.  I remember Bill O'Dell and a couple others who may or may not have competed it, Chip Hall, Ben Cole.  
This card and patch of the same logo came from Camp Research,  P.O. Box 1907, Santa Ana, Ca. 92702.  The card is on a wood laminet.  
Jim Eagleton

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> Meadow Ed here
> To all of you folks out there who want to know---------------
> I still have 1 of the two old Stehekin log books and in the process i hope of getting the other one soon. In this one book, which oddly enough was put together backwards as it starts out in 1990 and goes back to 1977. So someone back in 1990 assembled this book. A couple on things to note here.
> In these days preprinted pages were sent out i am sure all over the place. There is a place to type in location and these were indeed pretyped in. So someone did all this work to be able to keep records. On the first page and its funny that the first person mentioned is Jean Cooley and most of us know her as the 'Bag Lady'. She was only perhaps section hiking as she started her trip in Campo 4/2/90 and she signed in on 7/25 now going sobo to Stevens Pass. Page 2 also has an old friend sign out named Brian Booth who had the looks of and the trail name of 'Charles Manson', which to still uses today. Page 10 or so is a note from JoAnne Oliver to say hi to other folks coming behind and guess who one of them is, our own Billy Goat, of course she calling him George. In 87 you come across Ray and Jenny, this was day 136 for them....In '81, a mention about the founder perhaps of the infamous 1/2 gallon ice cream club on the AT. Steve Queens name who's an old
> Aldha member and even Eric Weirner was right behind him. Of course when you get towards the back of the book you see the class of 77 which is Strider,Monty Dodge, Pa Jeff,  Paul Hacker and that crew.
> Couple other things of note here too, As i said the book starts off in 1990 and has the first 10 pages or so with the PCT label that is very hard to read and make out the design of and some words you can't read at the bottom. They also say this was provided as a service of the PCT Conference which was in Eugene O. Go in a few more pages and a different logo shows up, still 1990 folks however. These pages use a new logo saying PCClub on it with the dates 1932 to 1971 and has a pair of pine cones as the center piece also they have the words Canada to Mexico . At the very top of the logo you can see the first use of the single pine tree that was used later on by itself. These pages also show that the patch was copyrighted in 71. Then in a few more pages and back a few years you go back to the old pages. So whoever maintained the book in the PO used different pages on different days it seems. These goes back this way to 1987. Then there is a gap of years
> where it restarts in 1981 so 6 years are missing. Also by now the pages have changed too, no logo and they now say Camp Research on them and using a Santa Ana Ca address. They still were being called the PCClub however.
> I know there are folks out there who want to work to preserve this info and at this upcoming ADZ we can talk about how to go about this..... 
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