[pct-l] Mojave Desert News: Bus Proposed for PCT hikers

Andrew Reams abreams at ucdavis.edu
Fri Apr 10 22:06:11 CDT 2009

I was just out in Mojave last week doing some section E day hikes and I saw this article by Bill 
Deaver in the Mojave Desert News.  There may be some copyright issues with posting the whole 
article so I'll just sum up the article's main points:

- In late March, a plan was proposed to the Mojave Chamber of Commerce to offer bus service to 
hikers o the PCT.  

- The plan would be to offer up to three trips a day to and from the trailhead during the summer.

- The hikers would have to call for a reservation at least an hour in advance.

Chamber President Rheta Scott said the service could pay dividends for Mojave in the future.  "Many 
of these hikers are the sort of people who now or in the future will become leaders in their 
communities, and may one day remember the warm welcome they received in Mojave." 

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