[pct-l] Sierra snow up-date

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sat Apr 11 08:52:14 CDT 2009

It may be a light snow year in some parts of the Sierra, but not around Mammoth Mountain.
The average snow fall per season at Mammoth is 336 inches.
This season total so far, including the 15 inches over the last 3 days, is 457 inches.
As you can see Mammoth Mountain is way above average and the snow pack is around 10-14 feet.
And that is at 9000-1100 feet...who knows what it is on those 12000-13000 foot passes.
You are right, it's not exactly ideal for a Sunday stroll. 

JMT Reinhold

Stephen wrote:
Though it may well be a light snow year, I don't know that I could recomend 
too much off trail or unmaintained side trail stuff in the Sierra unless one 
has a real good idea about it.  When you see how high the passes are between 
Palisades Lakes and Dusy Basin one will probably reconsider anyway.  I've 
been thru there three times, and it's not like trail rambling at all.  You 
have to go really slow and patiently and figure on about 1/2 to 1 mph max. 
If anyone wants a photo covering the area well shot from the ridge above 
Mather Pass I can email it showing a couple of routes, and the PCT thru that 

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