[pct-l] Laguna

Chase Davidson chaseat99 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 16:56:30 CDT 2009

Having a great time here on the pct day three. Oor and i got a room at the laguna lodge. Day one oor, andy west and i hiked to moreno. Jan picked us up at scout and frodo's for an early start at the border. Lots of plants i have never seen in virginia. We ran into diamond dave along the way. At moreno gumpy bear was planning to start the next day. Day two we met phil and we all camped at canyon creek. Rain and snow all along the 5000' andove areas. Today a beautiful white coating on evehing you could see thru the fog. Phil and andy kept going.
I am really glad i came. Again Thanks to trail angels jan, scout and frodo. It means a lot to have a friend waiting for you when u arrive in an unfamiliar place. I have been updating my postholer journal. I am taking lot of pictures that i do not have time now.


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