[pct-l] How to carry more? (and other random thoughts)

Sean Carey seanpct75 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 21:54:07 CDT 2009

So I have been thinking about how to carry more weight. Just in case I need
to at times. Or to simply make some of what I am carrying easier. Can anyone
recommend or is there a decent front pack out there? Kind of like a fanny
pack I think they call them or whatever. Or is that what I need right there?
I would like to also have some of my items accessible to me and easy to get
to. Also I guess this is obvious but true. Simply carrying a water bottle or
two in your hands could reduce pack weight. Of course I don't know how
practical this would be, but it sounds reasonable right now. LOL.

It is getting really close now. I am finally getting the last of my stuff
and cannot wait. The trail is going to beat me up good the first two weeks
for sure. At least I am aware of this. It is so amazing after all of these
months of research and trying to get the money together for this. It is
going to happen! I hope to meet some of you while I am out there. I am
starting solo. I also finally have been able to walk some which is obviously
desperately needed. Trying to get my feet at least in minimal condition for
this. I am definitely glad that I have been able to come to this forum and
get advise and just to read other posts. I log on my email daily and a lot
of the times more than once. To see if there is anything new posted.

I am looking forward to the change of lifestyle. I am hoping to earn some
more money. So that when I am done I may at least have a little bit left
over to get me on a bus. Haha. I have heard lots of people talk about the
call of home or whatever. This is it for me. I literally have no plans on or
for what I am doing after this trail. I have no place rented. Or do I have
any set place where I am going to stay for sure after. I will deal with that
as it comes. There is only today and the excitement of this upcoming

All of this made me think of another question I had. I have heard that along
the way sometimes people leave food caches as well as water caches. Or a lot
of the times it is just food they get tired of or don't want any more.
Someone said well it all depends on how picky of an eater you are. Well I am
not a picky eater fortunately. :>)  So I am wondering if these rumors are
true? Also is there any way to know where they might possibly be if there
were to be one in areas I am hiking in? I am looking to be as thrifty as
possible if I need to be, but without being a complete mooch of course.
Although lots of people I have met so far have been very generous with their
thoughts. As well as hooking me up with a ride to Campo. I am looking to be
very self sufficient of course and will be taking care of most of my own
needs obviously. I was just thinking and especially after hearing about the
possibility of food caches. That if they are there it definitely would be
welcome to me to save some of my costs.

I could make a bunch of money tomorrow or I could not. LOL. My line of work
is like that.  I know I will have the minimum of what I need for sure. As I
already have that amount. I do not know how much I will have beyond that. If
I don't have much beyond that. I am already very much prepared for not
staying in motels and taking zero days on the trail. This is no problem to
me. As I wasn't really envisioning much of my hike being about town stops
anyhow. Now if I make some more money this month. That could change. Or a
least I could have those possibilities open to me. If I so chose to do that
while on the trail.

Anyhow this is getting long winded now. LOL. Hopefully some of my questions,
thoughts, and situations will resonate with others as well. I have gotten
such great feedback from this forum. The humanity of this undertaking is
humbling and warming to my soul at the very least. Tonight as I am writing
this I can feel the excitement and can't wait to get out there. Ok back to
reading some more of the guidebook and browsing through my gear. LOL. Have a
good one everyone and thanks again.

Sean C.

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