[pct-l] 2oz emergency vest - AeroVest

Andy Linger safetypci at aim.com
Sat Apr 11 22:42:18 CDT 2009


Yes, I remember reading that post. In fact, I did a little research and
talked to their rep Larry and bought over a dozen! I plan on taking these to
our next Vail Mountain Rescue Group meeting and selling them there. Or, if
any of you are interested, I'll bring them to the KO. I got 33% off retail
by buying a dozen and a half. I'll sell them for $10. Send me an email if
you're interested.


Sigh. my aging memory:     I somehow recall someone posting info regarding a
new 2 oz emergency vest based on a radiant barrier principle.  I can't seem
to locate further info on that.  Figment of my imagination, or can someone
direct me?
Many thanks.
Dr Bob

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