[pct-l] How to carry more?

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Sun Apr 12 09:04:56 CDT 2009

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> How to carry more?
Don't carry more. You have too much already.

Hiker boxes: You'll hear from others along the way where they are.  
They are usually where people stay when they resupply. It's mostly  
junk. The only good things I ever found: Low calorie Propel drink mix  
packets, a foam pad (which I didn't want), some elastic cord and cord  
locks (which I used), some granola with raisins (I only took that  
once, there's a lot of that and you get tired of it quick), some old  
sneakers (which I used to walk to the shower and back, leaving them  
in the box for someone else.)

If you want to save money on food, avoid beer and shop in real  
grocery stores. But don't skimp on food. Everyone worries most about  
what gear to bring, obsesses about electronic gadgets, and silly  
survival vests. What really gets you down the trail are healthy feet  
and a well-nourished body. If you carry more of anything, carry more  
good food, less junk.

Enjoy your trip!

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