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Bill Burge bill at burge.com
Sun Apr 12 15:13:29 CDT 2009

Skip the Timex WS4.  Depending on what you want in a watch (on the  
trail), if you want time and compass and backlight, go with this  
hidden gem:


At regular price, it's half the cost of the WS4 and a better watch.   
It's also not HUGE.

If you want the triple sensor, altimeter/barometer, compass, temp;  
then go with a Casio Protrek:


http://www.casio-intl.com/wat/protrek/triple_sensor/prg-80.html  (I  
wear one of these when I'm Jeeping and leave the Swiss watches  
someplace safer!)

The best part is the dual display of the compass.  Numerically, below  
the cross on the upper display.  The compass isn't junk either.  It  
include declination adjustment, user re-calibration, etc.

You will get 100-200 meter water resistance (depending on the model)  
instead of 50 meters.  (BTW, you don't have to dive 100M to need 100M  
water resistance. The impact of diving into a pool will generate that  
much pressure!)

You will also get solar charging.  Some models have time adjustment  
from nationwide radio clocks.

Not all models have all features.  Read descriptions CAREFULLY before  
choosing.  A decent site to buy from:  http://www.jomashop.com/capase.html 
   if they have the model you're looking for...


On Apr 12, 2009, at 8:58 AM, hiker97 at aol.com wrote:

> Once again, Switchback, comes through for you.
> 1.? Checkout the new Cannon PowerShot D10 waterproof camera.? It is  
> a 12.1 megapixel at $330 list.? Very tough camera.
> 2.? Checkout the new Timex Expediton WS4 watch.? It has an enormous  
> wide-screen face with all your hiking features.? It is $200 list.
> Also, I am working on another paper for the Kickoff - SuperSecrets  
> of Backpacking.? This along with the Rhythm of the Trail paper,?will  
> guarantee you make it to Canada.
> Of course, if you do not, you get my world famous 120% money back  
> guarantee.? Switchback is the only one who offers this in  
> backpackerdom.
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