[pct-l] Ned Tibbit's Snow Clinic

Hernandez hernand at magicriver.net
Fri Apr 10 22:49:17 CDT 2009

Finally have a moment at the end of a hectic week to Thank Ned Tibbit, his
wife Juliee, and their son John for leading an awesome snow course last
weekend.  I came to the course not having snow shoed since I was 10 and only
one day trip in cross country skies under my belt (way back in college), so
I was a little snow shy. I just didn't show it. =)  But with Ned's guidance
I learned many facets of snow, and became much more comfortable in powder
and ice.  

I highly recommend this course for any snow-shy folks on the list.  You will
not only learn a lot, but you will have a ball, and meet fantastic people.

Tarzan and Zelda (and Ned), it was fun recalling our thru hikes, and
comparing Echo in snow to Echo in Summer.  Tarzan and Zelda, I'm glad you
guys stayed for another day.  See y'all at KO!

Amanda, you faced adversity with a smile and solid fortitude.  You Rock!

Mark and Steven, many, many thanks for helping with the snow cave.  (Yup, we
dug a snow cave, and I got to spend a night in it.  It was warmer than my
tent!)  Mark, you may pretend to have a "smaller mind" than others, but
we've seen you in action, and you ain't fooling us no more - the Scouts are
in good hands.  Steven, I knew you wouldn't be able to resists a glissade or
two in the end.  I hope you learned, as I did, that with a little
preparation and mindfulness, snow hiking is not only doable, but can be fun.

Steve, your tent anchoring technique is simple elegance. I must steal it.
Thank you for the dental advice.  Oh, and I think you set a land speed
record for snowshoeing across both Echo lakes.

Tom, I never learned if you were an officer, but you are a gentleman.
Looking forward to seeing you as well at KO!

Nancy, I envy you.  You are about to embark on a fantastic voyage.  You are
comfortable with your gear, and in great shape, but most importantly, your
mental state is primed for this undertaking.  Carpe Diem!

Due to high-rez file size, I have posted only two of the 90-odd pictures I
took.  Please email me off list if you would like more.

Thank You All.  My Best to You and Yours!

H.R. HuffnPuff
JMT '06
Team Bad Wizard, PCT '08

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