[pct-l] Ride down to Kickoff from Bay Area?

Shauna Cozad shaunacozad at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 11:52:05 CDT 2009

Hello fellow hiker-folk! I have not yet found a ride down to the kickoff
from the Bay Area the week of the kickoff on the AZPCT...(whatever - bad
acronym) website.   So - I'm trying the PCT-L site. I would love to head
down early, on April 20th or 21st to help Scout and Frodo with incoming
hikers and can certainly help chip in for gas.  Any drivers from Northern
California driving down?  I'd prefer not to fly because I have a bike and it
costs an extra $60 bucks to pack a bike.  I have an extra rack for the bike
if anyone is willing to drive me down.
Big thanks!!
Pickles (2008)
aka Shauna Cozad

Shauna Cozad

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