[pct-l] PCT Dayhikes in SoCal

gwschenk at socal.rr.com gwschenk at socal.rr.com
Tue Apr 14 09:23:53 CDT 2009

Last weekend my girlfriend and I did a couple of jaunts on the PCT getting ready for Section A.

Saturday we hiked from I-15 to Swarthout Canyon Rd, for an 11 mile roundtrip. Crowder and Cajon creeks are flowing nicely. Flowers are blooming, the fremontia looks particularly nice as does the canterbury bells. The weather was gorgeous. It's a very scenic area, IMO, but a little noisy, we heard I-15 for most of the hike, and the trains run continuously. We had to wait briefly where the trail crosses the tracks at grade for a train to pass.

When we got to the Swarthout Canyon water cache, we opened it to check the status of the supply. It's empty, except for the mouse family that has set up residence. Momma was nursing her four babies when we rudely interrupted. She looked a little nervous, but didn't move. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, and she moved, with her brood still attached, back into her nest.

The trail here is in excellent shape.

Sunday we hiked from Agua Dulce to Sierra Pelona Ridge. Except for the explosion, and the formation flying airplanes it was very quiet and peaceful in that stretch. Lots of poppies in bloom. Snakes are out, we saw a 5 foot gopher snake and, we think, a coach whip. The horny toads are out and about as well. We also flushed a fox. Since we weren't armed, we fell fortunate to have survived the encounter with that dangerous beast! :-)

The trail is slightly overgrown with grasses in a couple of spots, but certainly not obscured, and the trail is is excellent condition.

After the hike we had a sandwich at the Sweetwater Farms store. They have a good deli, and a well stocked store.

Happy trails,

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