[pct-l] Once more/Need a hand with my hound

Lucas Zoucha jalukool at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:32:05 CDT 2009

I thought I'd try my luck with this forum once more..  Third time's a  
After much debate I've concluded that it would not be best to bring  
my 4 year old, four legged friend with me while hiking the California  
portion of the PCT. Many reasons why and I think most of you are  
privyed to those reasons. I'm bummed but I think its best. My plan is  
to have my dog, Cody, brought to me around Ashland, Oregon, where the  
trail crosses I-5 there.. I think that would be a good place for him  
to start the trail with me..
So Im in need of someone or someone's who can take care of my beloved  
90lb, Siberian Husky/Chocolate lab starting the end of April until  
sometime in July.. I have a friend in Portland who will pick my dog  
up and drive him to me...  Also, it is preferable for me if Cody was  
staying with someone between Portland and Ashland, Or.. Of course  
there will be compensation and his food will be provided..
looking forward to meeting you!

Lucas and Cody "Molasses" Jones

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