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> That said, I skipped the market at Mt. Laguna.

The Mt Laguna Store has
Noodle Sides
Peanus Butter
Pop Tarts
All kinds of Snacks
and Heet
And a lot of other hiker food

They have created their inventory from a list called "What Hikers Buy"
that was created just for the PCT.

Warner Springs has a similar inventory but a smaller store.
If you are in the big part of the Herd, BOTH PLACES MAY BE OUT OF ITEMS.

There's a pretty good grocery store a 15 mile hitch straight south of Warner
Springs on Hwy 79.
There's also a great place right next to that to get the famous Julian


Lightweight Backpacking
The fun goes up when the weight goes down
-Warner Springs Monty

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> The "country store" is a little hole in the wall that didn't have much of
> anything when I was there last June.  I wouldn't plan on it for resupply.
> The extent of what they had to offer was boxes of cookies, cans of refried
> beans, clamato, lots of beer and soda, CostCo size cans of nacho cheese,
> and
> some Costco Size cans of fruit.  No liptons, no ramen, no poptarts, no
> staples.  They did have fruit leathers and a few bruised bananas.
> That said, I skipped the market at Mt. Laguna.
> Be well,
> Senator
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> Hey group,
> How is the "country store" for food resupply in Hiker town (approx mile
> 520).  I am not a picky eater.  How does it compare to the market at Mount
> Laguna?  I use this only as a reference because I am familiar with it.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill B -  Pink Gumby
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