[pct-l] ADZ Class DVD Handout

The Incredible Bulk ki6asp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 14:48:05 CDT 2009


Are you coming to the KO?  I will be there, and I will have about 300 DVDs
to distibute to any and all who want it.  Three hundred may not have

I also will be mailing copies of the DVD to all 2008 PCT hikers for whom I
have an address.  These will be special LightScribed DVDs, just for the
Class of 2008 hikers.

If there are any hikers without a mailing address, or an address that has
changed since 2008, please forward your corrections to me.  I already mailed
DVDs to all photo contributors, except maybe 4 that I do not have an
address.  If a contributor did not receive a DVD yet (Sarong, it is on its
way), please let me know with your mailing address.

The Incredible Bulk

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