[pct-l] Keep my mind busy

Postholer public at postholer.com
Tue Apr 14 16:23:29 CDT 2009

Here are a few 2009 journals that look intriguing:

Bronze will be hiking with a mule using only gear/food from the 1800's:

Meta, aka Joker a 2009 repeat offender with awesome photo skills:

Annette and Thomas, 2 Danes for a different perspective:

Jellybean, another 2009 repeat offender after damaging her ankle last year 
near Stehekin, will perform a 'do over' of the whole trail just to be sure:

Summers, who is a professional writer:

Louis and Sylvie from Quebec who will do their entire journal in french:

Several of these folks are adding their coordinates to their journals, so 
you'll get the ultimate PCT map experience too!

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