[pct-l] ADZ Class DVD Handout

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Tue Apr 14 17:35:24 CDT 2009

Hi All,

I am NOT going to the KO this year.  Been there, done that.  Will leave 
room for someone else to enjoy!

If your are going to the KO or think you will get a DVD from Incredible, 
then please do not request one from me.

But if you don't get one at the KO or otherwise, then send me your mail 
(snail mail that is) address off list and I'll send you one.

Also a big big THANKS to Jellybean and all for compiling the DVD and to 
Incredible for producing so many copies.

Also I can make copies for those who want.  Same rules --

send me your mail address off-list and be patient.
and again. NO contributions or gratuities to me.  I don't need the money 
and won't accept it.
make a contribution to the PCTA or the KO or just pass on some trail magic.

Happy Trails.


<> He who finishes last, wins! <>

The Incredible Bulk wrote:
> Tortose,
> Are you coming to the KO?  I will be there, and I will have about 300 DVDs
> to distibute to any and all who want it.  Three hundred may not have
> enough.
> I also will be mailing copies of the DVD to all 2008 PCT hikers for whom I
> have an address.  These will be special LightScribed DVDs, just for the
> Class of 2008 hikers.
> If there are any hikers without a mailing address, or an address that has
> changed since 2008, please forward your corrections to me.  I already mailed
> DVDs to all photo contributors, except maybe 4 that I do not have an
> address.  If a contributor did not receive a DVD yet (Sarong, it is on its
> way), please let me know with your mailing address.
> The Incredible Bulk
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