[pct-l] Good luck patti (heavily armed & dangerous)

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Tue Apr 14 20:18:30 CDT 2009

Snow Bunny Unsupported JMT Reinhold writes: Good luck patti, enjoy your hike and watch out for the bears and Saber Tooth tigers.?
But more than anything, look out for SWITCHBACK, the marauding trail pirate.?That scoundrel will rob you of everything in your possession.?He has been known to leave hikers with nothing but their "speedos."?I don't know if you wear speedos or not, but if you do I would suggest you wear the ones made from smart wool to provide some form of insulation and keep the vital parts warm?I have been told the only protection against that marauding trail pirate is cannon fire....so might want to carry a small canon a?sack of black powder and nine canon balls....keep it loaded at all time and a match at the ready.?
Switchback replies: One again I have been slandered and false charges have been leveled at me.? The precious?Internet bandwidth?has been sacked with this tirade.? Internet bandwidth noise reigns supreme during this important time of thru-hiker preparations for the big quest north.

Say, I noticed all the men wearing Speedos down at the YMCA where I swim.? These guys and gals are without an ounce of fat on them.? Lean and hard bodies on those swim teams in the big indoor pool.? I wear big boxer swim shorts in the pool.? I have also noticed the pool level go down significantly and a tsunami effect when I get out.? Why is that?

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