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Side note, from having been over Snoqualmie pass last weekend:  The snow is piled up in front of the hotel about....oh, 20 feet deep.  The drive thru espresso place looks like it's in a trench.

As mentioned, depending on how picky one is and considering it's only 74 or so miles from Snoqualmie to Stevens (2+ to 3 1/2 days at thru hiker pace), one can quite possibly carry out enough from the Chevron and the small grocery store about 150 yards to the south to get to Stevens Pass.  Especially if one pigs out at the Pancake house for breakfast before hitting the trail.  There's plenty of cheese, lunch meats, chips, snack foods and the like between the two stores.  Also, there is nothing quite like carrying some C-Store 'hot' food with you....mmmmmm...greasy corn dog / 'fried' chicken / potato wedge goodness.  

Another option for Snoqualme resupply for those willing to take a chance on hitching to and from the pass is to head west down I-90 to North Bend (exit 31, I believe) where there is a full resupply large grocery store and multiple fast food outlets.  Plenty of traffic from here heading back toward the pass.


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1)  The data book says that the Time Wise Grocery in Snoqualamie is closed and we should ask about the status of a new grocery.  Anybody know whether there is now a grocery store there or will there be one soon?  


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