[pct-l] UPDATE: SPOT locations in your journal

Postholer public at postholer.com
Wed Apr 15 14:11:37 CDT 2009

> Any 'public' PCT '09 journals utilizing SPOT that you are readily aware
> of? I haven't had the time lately to check for myself! I'd like to see how
> it works & looks...

If you check out the demo, http://postholer.com/demo (click on map link) you 
can see how it will look. Click the red & yellow SPOT icon to zoom on the 
location with Topo map.

Hikers privacy is of utmost importance, so I won't disclose who is doing 
what. A few are on the trail sending locations as we speak. As more 
registered  SPOT users get on the trail, they will be easy to find via their 

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