[pct-l] Dreaming a Dream -- Susan Boyle

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>I was thinking just the audio.
We will have THE visuals to go with it.

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-Warner Springs Monty

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> CNN showed snippets of her performance this AM;  Donna, thanks for the 
> link
> to the whole performance. Ms Boyle guaranteed a  singing career with just
> that one number, I'd guess. The rest of the contestants  over there may as
> well just draw straws for the other places.
>    And yes, WS Monty, due to the subject of her song,  whatever DVDs come
> out of PCT 2009 should have that video to begin it with. And,  yes, all of
> us - GO FOR IT!
> Trekker
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> www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPZh4AnWyk
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