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Give me a call and I can see no reason I can't meet your transportation needs from Ashland to/from Etna. I live in the general area. 530-905-0507. Or e-mail me off line.

are we there yet

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1a)  I will be flip floping from Ashland, OR to Etna, CA.  Are there any shuttle options from Ashland to Yerka, CA?  Or is hitching (I-5) reasonable?  (I think I will just miss the Medford to Weed bus.)

1b)  If I hike from Ashland to the trailhead, do hikers hitch, I-5, the back roads, or get a shuttle?  


2)  Next I will be hiking sections of WA, and starting before the pctatlas, (and of course, Halfmiles maps) are available.  I plan to use the 2000 WP guide.  This route seems to be exactly the same as the gps route on:  


a)  Have there been any major reroutes in the last 9 years?

b)  Is there a place I sould look for very recent trail closings/reroutes?  especially near recent fires, e.g. between Etna and Siead Valley.  

c)  The WP and postholer tracks vary a little.  Is one more reliable than the other?  One of the bigger differences is a mile or two overlapping the WA H12-H13 maps.  

d)  Are there other maps I should consider using for WA?  The pcta offers "PCT Map- Cascade Series Southern Washington-Map#9 " for $12 each, but they don't give the scale or date (in fact they say this southern map is for northern WA.)  



Jim Eagleton



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