[pct-l] Getting my butt handed to me. LOL

Sean Carey seanpct75 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 21:23:59 CDT 2009


I just finished off some more pre thru hike training. LOL. I put in a
little over 20 miles today and it kicked my butt. I just kept going until my
feet were blistered to the max and a bit sore. LOL. I feel good! I don't
think I sunburned my already sun burned neck as I was able to test my sun
hat, and I love it. Im sure I will be sore for a few days here and then I
will be ready to do it again. LOL. My first training walk after some short
1-2 hour walks was for 13 miles or so and that took my body three days to
recoup from. LOL. I am definitely glad I am doing some of this now. I will
getting in somewhat shape so I can get my butt kicked on the PCT. LOL.

Oh and after asking about the fanny pack I realized after some laughing at
myself. That I ordered a ULA pack with pockets on the hip belt. I have two
of them and they easily held my cell phone and wallet today. With room for
much more if I wanted also. I probably only carried anout 1/3-1/2 of what my
pack weight will be. So that will be my next test. 15-25 miles with full
pack weight. Yeah 8 liters of water is like carrying a few dumbells for

Anyways I am feeling pretty good and cannot wait to get out there. Hopefully
I will get the chance to meet some of you out there as well.

Soon to be sore as all hell....

Sean C.

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