[pct-l] Motor fuel as substitute to alcohol? - No!

Hernandez hernand at magicriver.net
Thu Apr 16 23:02:42 CDT 2009


I am the father of a PCT hiker (and have hiked portions of the PCT myself),
but have posted here very seldom, so please forgive the intrusion.  I want
to speak against using fuels that are not intended for a particular stove or
cooking mechanism, in particular against using motor fuel as a substitute
for another fuel (unless the stove manufacturer recommends it explicitly).

Motor fuel is a totally different animal: its vapors are explosive, it burns
much hotter, and it's much harder to extinguish.  A friend had an accidental
ignition of motor fuel in a can, which unfortunately splashed on his leg as
he tried to put it out.  From this accident he has had several operations,
therapy, skin transplants adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and
he will never be the same.

Please stay safe on the trail, and have a wonderful journey!

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