[pct-l] Public Transportation to Border

Sean Nordeen sean at lifesadventures.net
Fri Apr 17 01:00:27 CDT 2009

I know this has been talked about before, but I can't find it and I need the information now.

If I take Amtrak from LA, I would get off at the Old Town Station and find the Green Line trolley and take it to the El Cajon Transit Center.  There I would get on the 894 bus to Campo (3 times a day,9am, 4pm, and 5pm).   The trolley would cost $2.50 and the bus would cost $10 (for 2 zone travel).

Do I have this correct?

If one arrives in Campo in the evening (~6pm or 7pm), where is it recommened that one sleep that night since you aren't going to get very far before its completely dark.


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