[pct-l] "MY WAY"....not Mags way....is the only way to thru the PCT in style

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sat Apr 18 11:03:28 CDT 2009

Yes, I am hallucinating....to much wine always does that to me.
As far as eating corn pasta 3X day...it's for "Hiker Trash" and not a suitable menu for those 
thruing the PCT 1st class on a float.
And yes, 20 lb is way to heavy...Mags needs to learn how to pack light.
I mean 20 lb is enough to break a camels back....you can not possibly enjoy your hike hauling 
that kind of load.

Mags, wise up, hauling a 20 lb pack is a thing of the past....it's for sweaty, groaning "Hiker
Trash" who can not possibly enjoy their hike.......they are just cranking miles, not enjoying
their hike.
Thruing the PCT on a float is a far more enjoyable and superior way and like I said, if you bow
as my float goes by I will toss you some grapes, and if you smile I may even toss you a bottle 
of wine to wash the caravan dust out of your throat.
I just can not see how you can possibly enjoy the wilderness your way.

"My Way"...the "JMT Reinhold - Cleopatra Way" is the only way to thru the PCT in style and 
thoroughly enjoy the wilderness, munching grapes and drinking wine under a shade canopy on 
the backs of Strider, AsABat, Elevator and Meadow Ed.

BTW  Mags, do you prefer red grapes or white grapes?

JMT Reinhold
You hard to the core trail companion

Mags wrote:
You are obviously a gram counting weenie. You cannot truly enjoy backpacking
if you do not have the appropriate gear from Really Expensive Outdoor Store.
I suggest buying a titanium espresso maker to make your gear up to the acceptable

Remember, don't HYOH...HMHDI!

PS. Bow down for grapes?????!?!?! Not when I pack in 10 lbs of pork loin on skis. :)

Diane wrote:
If you are not eating corn pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you're doing it ALL WRONG!
You will collapse on the trail and die a horrible death

And Mags, your pack is way to heavy. 20 pounds? For crying out loud!
You're going to collapse on the trail and die a horible death.

Reinhold is hallucinating again.

Reinhold wrote:
You got it all wrong!!!
"MY WAY"...."THE JMT REINHOLD WAY" aka "THE CLEOPATRA WAY"....NOT YOUR WAY, is the only way to 
thru the PCT in style...."ON A FLOAT", carried by four big, sturdy float carriers like Strider,
AsABat, Elevator and Meadow Ed, and two fan girls, one on each side of the float, preferable 
good looking hiker babes like L-Rod & Yogi, fanning me with palm fans to keep me cool and keep 
the flies and mosquitoes away and trumpet blowers leading the way to alert the "hiker trash" to 
step aside and bow as my float goes by.
Of course I will be consuming vast quantities of gourmet food, drinking the best of wines and 
munching grapes as my float keeps moving on down the trail.
If Mags bows, as my float goes by, I may toss him some grapes.

I must get in contact with Strider, AsABat, Elevator and Meadow Ed immediately to arrange for 
them to be my float carriers and L-Rod and Yogi to be my fan girls.
Yes, this will be so neat,....this is the only way to thru the PCT in style.
I am so exited about this I can barely wait for the KO.

I just love roughing it in the wilderness!!!

JMT Reinhold
Your hard to the core trail companion 

Mags wrote:
So, I a summed up the real philosophy of hiking:

The one, true, correct and absolute way to hike,

Why? Because all other ways are wrong. ;)

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