[pct-l] Baden Powell Conditions on 17 April

Peter Shaw shawonpct at msn.com
Sat Apr 18 11:59:40 CDT 2009

Yesterday I took a training hike up Baden Powell mostly to check out the
conditions as well as some of my gear. Although it's 4-6 weeks before most
of the thru hikers will get there, the conditions were tough to say the
least. The snow started in patches 100 ft above Vincent Gap and at 7000 ft
the trail was impossible to find. The east face had a few sections of tread
that were clear but the north face was covered with snow to a depth of four
feet or more in places. It was hard and slippery early on and difficult to
get a firm foothold. After giving up on trying to locate the trail, I just
went straight up. At the Wally Waldron tree where the PCT branches to the
north to skirt Baden Powell the trail could have been anywhere. The summit
was partially clear and the ridge to Burnham and Throop looked passable with
ease - there were signs of a few tracks going along the ridge. Later in the
day the snow was getting softer, but it was erratic and easy to posthole in
places. The way down was tough, especially on the knees - hopefully some
good snow practice for the Sierras.


Before leaving I was intending to check out the water at Lamel Spring and
submit a report but the trail was impossible to find going up. On the way
down I think I happened upon the side trail to the spring, but looking into
the gulley where the spring was located it was all snow covered so I did not
go searching any further. I put more details and few photos in my PCT 09
journal - see attached link.


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Hope this helps


Peter Shaw


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