[pct-l] Amount of water containers and a few random things.

Scott Bryce sbryce at scottbryce.com
Sun Apr 19 00:52:19 CDT 2009

Sean Carey wrote:
> Hello, I have been reading through a lot of journals and am now
> wondering if I have to many water containers..LOL.  Here is what I
> have. 4  1 liter platypus water bottles. 1 2 liter platypus water
> bottle and 1 2.5 liter Nalgene water container. These are all the
> fold up bladder type containers. So I don't think it will kill me for
> space or weight. I just remember hearing over and over. Be ready to
> carry 8 liters a day through the desert.

Everybody's water needs are different. I had a 7 liter capacity, and it
was about right for me, but I think most people carried less than that.

> Anyone else bring extra reading material with them?

When do you expect to have time to read? I never even found time to read
the guidebook. My guess is that after a couple of weeks you will realize
that you are carrying these books, but not reading them, and you will
toss them in the trash.

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