[pct-l] Amount of water containers and a few random things.

Ellen Shopes igellen at comcast.net
Sun Apr 19 08:11:09 CDT 2009

Oh, come on, haven't you ever read the newspaper on the loo?  Or fell asleep 
There's not alot of time to read, but for those of us reading-addicted, it 
might be worth the extra weight...after all, alot of people carry I-Pods 
(something I doubt I'd 'need').
I often carry a paperback of some sort.  On long trips, I tear it up and put 
pieces in the resupplies.  Probably drives the hiker-box scavengers crazy to 
only get part of a book...
>> Anyone else bring extra reading material with them?
> When do you expect to have time to read? I never even found time to read
> the guidebook. My guess is that after a couple of weeks you will realize
> that you are carrying these books, but not reading them, and you will
> toss them in the trash.
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