[pct-l] Amount of water containers and a few random

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I always take a book on hikes, and I always finish it before the next
resupply and wish I'd brought more. I usually find I need to take light,
easy reading stuff rather than something educational or enlightening though
-- I end up using it to clear my mind of thoughts of bears, snow, blisters,
and whether that green stuff in the dinner was cilantro or mold.

As for the water, everyone has different needs. Why not start with your full
amount of bottles, and fine tune the system as you go? Even just the day
going from the border to Morena will give you a good idea of your
consumption. You can always throw out a bottle or two at a town stop.

Also, your new trail name is LOL. See you out there.



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I have been reading through a lot of journals and am now wondering if I have
to many water containers..LOL.  Here is what I have. 4  1 liter platypus
water bottles. 1 2 liter platypus water bottle and 1 2.5 liter Nalgene water
container. These are all the fold up bladder type containers. So I don't
think it will kill me for space or weight. I just remember hearing over and
over. Be ready to carry 8 liters a day through the desert. I am just wating
on a few more items to arrive and I am ready to go! My Plane ticket has been
bought and a ride arranged as far as I can tell. I just want to get there
and get going. LOL.

Anyone else bring extra reading material with them? I am going to bring a
few books and just tear off all of the extra empty pages and cover. I figure
there will be times when  a book will be welcome. I will bring a few
"spiritual"/"learning" books and then maybe a novel or two. That is what I
was thinking. I don't know I guess my total weight will finally dictate to
me what I will be bringing and what I will not. LOL. Have a good one all and

Sean C.

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