[pct-l] Good uses for dead hiker husbands

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sun Apr 19 10:59:10 CDT 2009

Say Switchback,
You and I are getting old and have been around for a long 
time...........some say to long!!!
We are the last of the hard core and sooner or later will pass 
away.....some may say better sooner than later!!!
Did you ever wonder what will become of us after we pass away?
Will they bury us, put flowers on our graves and mourn for decades to come?
Will they erect a monument to us and engrave......R I P....Switchback & 
Reinhold  "the last of the hard core".
Or will they put our bodies to good use?

For those women who can't let go and want to cling to the memories, the 
following are 10 good uses for dead hiker husbands.

1.   Scratching post for the cat
2.   Chin-up bar
3.   Punching bag
4.   Gate post
5.   Toilet paper roll holder
6.   Bumper stop
7.   Car pool lane second passenger
8.   Good stiff diving board
9.   Garden scare crow
10. Handy dandy kitchen towel rod

So to the class of  2009  I say......"FEAR  NOT"......for if  harm 
should fall upon you on your journey, your early demise will
not be in vain.....your bodies will be put to good use by the loved ones 
left behind.

R  I  P
JMT Reinhold

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