[pct-l] Trail reading

Marion Davison mardav at charter.net
Sun Apr 19 12:35:24 CDT 2009

I always take books to read on our section hikes.  I take thick 
paperback fiction for me to read when Ray is sleeping and I can't. He 
sleeps much more than I do.  I also take light humorous stuff I can read 
aloud to him.  He falls asleep when he reads, but he likes to listen to 
me read aloud.  We favor Dave Barry, Bill Bryson, Tim Cahill, Bill 
Cosby, and Bill Geist.
I will be sitting at Kennedy Meadows south for two days this year, in 
August, while Ray does a car shuttle after our long hike.  I am 
wondering, is there a free book exchange area at the Kennedy Meadows 
store? I will need something to while away the hours watching the llamas 
  browse, and I will most likely have read all the material I brought by 

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