[pct-l] water capacity and books

David Plotnikoff david at emeraldlake.com
Sun Apr 19 14:16:36 CDT 2009

Hello from a longtime list-lurker.

My standard carry was three 2.4 liter Platypi border to border. I 
think there were maybe 6-8 instances I had to load the full 7.2L, and 
that wasn't for a long distance. Most people I know carried less 
capacity. The overarching reason to carry three Platypi -- you can 
bank on one of them eventually leaking on you. It's just normal wear 
and tear. The Cascade Designs people are very good about backing up 
the lifetime guarantee, but that doesn't help you any on Hat Creek 

I never carry books on the trail. But made a good decision to deviate 
from that last year. In Sierra City, the tiny library has an ongoing 
booksale on the front porch. For $1 I got James Joyce "Dubliners" and 
Twain's "Huckleberry Finn". These came in handy very shortly at 
Quincy-LaPorte Road. Any of you who were on the trail last year 
probably remember a slight delay there. I ended up spending a LOT 
more time there than I figured and it was more interesting to read 
than to just lie back and listen to the fire choppers and assorted 
engines ....

By the way, kudos to Jellybean on the Class of 08 DVD. These 
important digital records of our tribe just keep getting better every 


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