[pct-l] Silverwood Lake Store

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 19 20:19:58 CDT 2009

Hatchet and I went there in 08 hoping to pick up some beer as well as 
ice cream and any other "town food" they happened to have.  We had to 
settle for sodas and ice cream sandwiches.  They also had chips and 
snacks, but not much else.  I wouldn't try to resupply there unless 
you're completely out.  Plus it's a long walk down to the "store".  In 
08 it was in a trailer in a parking lot near the marina.  We managed to 
Yogi a brew from some folks at an adjacent site in the car campground 
where we stayed the night.  For fifty cents the showers will blast the 
accumulated crud off your skin, and the ranger didn't charge us when he 
learned we were PCT thru hikers.

Just one day's hike further north is Cajon Pass where you can find 
limited resupply at the store at the gas stations on either side of the 
highway---enough to get you to Wrightwood, another day and half further 
north, where there is excellent resupply.  When at Wrightwood check at 
the hardware store trail register for trail angel info.   BTW, I'd  skip 
the first trail down to Wrightwood and hike on to Blue Ridge Summit? (?) 
then hitch down to Wrightwood.  You might have to walk partway like I 
did, but eventually you're likely to get a ride.  Getting back to the 
trail is no problem by contacting the trail angels listed at the 
hardware store.  Though my stay was brief, I found Wrightwood to be a 
great stop and very hiker friendly.


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