[pct-l] Atlas Availability

Erik The Black erik at eriktheblack.com
Mon Apr 20 10:07:12 CDT 2009

Hi Josh,

Thanks for asking about the Atlas.

The first print run is getting close to sold out. Right now I have about 60
copies of Volumes 1 and 2 left in stock. I'll be a vendor at the Kickoff
this weekend, so whatever doesn't sell in the next few days I will be
bringing along. 

Once they are all gone the soonest I can have Volumes 1 and 2 back in stock
will be June/July (when Volumes 3,4,5 and the JMT Atlas are due). 

I haven't decided yet if I will order more of the first two books right
away. I will have to figure out how much demand there is for them once the
thru hikers are gone. If there are a lot more people who still want to buy,
I will order more. If not, I'll wait till next season.

In the meantime, your best bet for getting a copy is to order online in the
next few days. I'm shipping out books same-day by Priority Mail, so they are
delivered to U.S. addresses in 1-3 days (you can also order online and
pickup from me at the Kickoff). 

After the Kickoff I'll be getting back to work, and the Atlas will be off
the market for a while.

Here is the link to order online:


Happy Trails!
Erik The Black

PS. I won't be accepting any pre-orders at the Kickoff (too much to keep
track of). So, if you wanted to get the $197 thru hiker special, or
pre-order Volumes 3-5, you'll have to do that online. Volumes 1 and 2 will
be for sale at the Kickoff at the regular price of $47 apiece.

**--Original message------------------------------------------------------**

Since this thread started out about water AND reading material, this Q
should still be considered "on topic":
How are the sales of your Atlas going?  Do you see the light at the end of
your "1st printing sales tunnel"?  If so, when do you expect to have your
2nd batch in, bcuz I'm planning on making my order pretty soon here.
Thanks again Erik.

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