[pct-l] Searching for a Hiking Partner

Chris Humphrey chrisandrewhumphrey at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 10:43:18 CDT 2009


I am a 26 year old Canadian male, searching for a hiking partner to do the
PCT with. I will be at the southern trail head around the 18th of May.

I plan on hiking at the regular rate of about 17 miles per day. I have lots
of alpine scrambling and hiking experience, but no desert or multi-week hike
experience. Friends would describe me as very easy going, but opinionated
when necessary. They would also describe me as fairly outgoing and
confident, but definitely not egotistical in the slightest extent. While
hiking, I prefer someone who likes to chat lots, then be silent and spaced
apart for a few hours and so on. I am also a very prudent hiker who reads
all the signs and heeds most sensible people's advice. I have no preference
whether my partner is male or female. I have experience hiking alone with
girls and being completely platonic (just friends). I can even provide you
with a reference. :)

In terms of food, I may do all or some of my resupplying along country
towns, as opposed to mailing all my food. I am willing to be fairly flexible
and stick with you if you get injured or need some time off the trial.

If I sound like I could be an appropriate hiking partner for you, lets hike
together! Please shoot me a line. chrisandrewhumphrey at gmail.com

Best Regards,


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