[pct-l] Section E Water Report

Ron Bacon rbacon at lbschools.net
Mon Apr 20 13:01:19 CDT 2009

I just finished hiking section E and here is the update for the water
Bear Spring - a slow drip and very clear water in the spring box. Horse
half full of very black water (4/13) 
Bouquet Canyon Cache - no water (4/13) 
Bouquet Canyon - very low flow of clear water maybe 2 inches deep (4/13)

Oasis Cache - 2 creeklets before the cache were flowing. 2 gallons
outside of 
cooler and 1 gallon of water inside of cooler. Also in cooler was 6-pack
cactus cooler soft drinks, several bottles of ale, and some easter eggs
all on 
ice. (4/13) 
San Francisquito Canyon Rd. - Faucet by water heater is on. No water
near picnic 
table (4/14) 
Red Carpet Cache - Less than 1 gallon. Stream south of cache flowing
nicely. (4/14) 
Trailside Wetseason spring - Beautiful spring flowing nicely, but would
take a 
while to fill bottles. (4/14) 
Maxwell Trail Camp Guzzler - water in guzzler (4/14) 
Upper Shake Campground - (I did not check this) 
Concrete tank at Ridgetop Jct - No water. Tank appeared empty when I
opened the 
top. (4/14) 
Red Rock Water Tank - (I did not check this) 
Guzzler (at 502.9+) - Full of water (4/15) 
Tank near Liebre Mtn Truck Trail - (I did not check this) 
Pine Canyon Cr and sag pond - Pond is full, creek (I am assuming this is
creek about 100 yds past the pond that the trail crosses) is flowing
Hikertown - Owner Richard Skaggs, caretaker Bob, and hiker Scott were
all there 
and are anxious to host hikers this year. They made me feel very welcome
provided needed cover from 2 days of windy conditions. Make sure you
stop in and 
say hi. (4/15) 
Cottonwood Creek Bridge - No water from faucet. Maybe 1.5 gallons left
as a 
cache. I have not seen this mentioned before, but the spillway under the

building had water trickling down it and pooling at the bottom. The pool
about 3 feet long by 1.5 feet wide and 6-8 inches deep. It could be
This aquaduct is the one bringing water from the eastern sierra and has
water in 
it, that faucet needs to be turned on. (4/16) 
Tylerhorse Canyon - creek flowing very nice. (Note - previous posts have

indicated a lack of signage in this area. Someone has done a lot of work
to fix 
this. I found, what appeared to be new, trial markers firmly planted in
ground from here to the Tiger Tank. However there are still some areas
where it 
is hard to pick up the trial. Fortunatly someone had walked ahead of me
and I 
had some footprints to follow. BE CAREFUL IN THIS AREA) (4/17) 
Gamble Springs - dry (4/17) 
Tiger Tank - tank is full, but water was very brown. Shower is NOT on.
Oak Creek - had water but I am not sure how to get to it (4/18) 
Hope this helps. Good luck to class of '09. I'll be on the trail again
D) in June. 
Ron Bacon 

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