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Will M jalan04 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 16:25:02 CDT 2009

I agree with Previous poster.  I would add that you might want to look into
using an alcohol stove.  The hubba Hubba is a two man tent,.  Do you really
need a two man tent?
I'm struggling to get my weight down to below 20lbs cuz i know I'll be
carrying lots of water for long stretches.

You also might want to take your pack out for a weekend to see how it feels
and wether you can jettison some of the stuff you have.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 1:28 PM, Andrew Dawson <question.everything at live.com
> wrote:

> Hey PCTers
> I just weighed all the things I'm going to take with me on the trail and I
> have come up with 34.88 lbs - that's if I were to hike naked which isn't
> going to happen. Here is my run down:
>  Tent (MSR Hubba Hubba)                               4.75 lbs
>  Therma-rest (Pro-lite 4)                                 1.75 lbs
>  Pack (Arc'teryx Naos 70)                                4.75 lbs
>  Sleeping Bag (MEC Asgaard)                           3.94 lbs
>  Cooking Stuff (MSR Dragonfly & MSR Pots)       2.63 lbs
>  Clothing including Gore-tex shells                    8.63 lbs
>  Sandals                                                         1.38 lbs
>  First Aid/Toiletries                                          1.00 lbs
>  Odds & Ends                                                  1.44 lbs
>  Luxuries                                                        2.00 lbs
>  Water Filter (Katadyn Pocket)                          1.69 lbs
>  Ice Axe                                                          0.94 lbs
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Total:                                                             34.88
> lbs
> I'm curious to how much your packs weigh with everything in it minus food
> and water. I have taken a few things out to get the weight down. A few
> things I have weigh more than I would like them but its about comfort. Like
> my sleeping bag - Its good to -20C but weighs a bit more. I might get rid of
> some of my luxuries ... but that includes my camera and such small
> electronic things. I don't really wanna give those up.
> Dawson
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