[pct-l] Light addenda to Erik's water strategies

mark v allemande6 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 20 16:32:18 CDT 2009

1)  Cameling up only works to an extent because you'll pee out the water you chug within the first hour.  It's probably good for the system to do this anyway, but you're  not going to actually absorb more than a pint or so from  your stomach in one chug.

2) A light-colored tall straw weave cowboy hat really has its points.  It does breathe, really, and the pocket of air above your head is big enough to allow cooling.  Also, the leather band keeps some perspiration up against your head in a way that most wicking hiker hats don't.  I only started using my cowboy hat on my thru, and i instantly felt the difference.

Another thing i factor into the liters per mile equations that Erik gave would be how much i'm carrying.  For light pack, less water, for heavy more, etc.  Also, major uphills take more water.  Cruising into town takes less.  Each equation will be different, but the beauty of a thru is that you can fine tune yours until you have something super-accurate.  For me, i figured my equation out for 2-3 miles BEFORE a sure water source, so that i was counting on walking dry and light the last hour before cheerfully rolling up to the water source and drinking.


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