[pct-l] 10 years ago today

ed faubert edfaubert at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 20 19:18:04 CDT 2009

Meadow ed here
I have been reading up on the news  about it being 10 years ago today for the Columbine shooting. I was hiking the PCT that day and came to the 3rd gate to take a break. There was a young hiker sitting there with his radio and an earplug and tears running down his face. Having no clue what the reason was he explained between sobs what had happened that day in Colorado....
He, like many of us who hike the trails of the world to get away from bad things that surround us realize that even the  on the trail bad news finds us. I was hiking SoBo on 9/13 and was told about 9/11 and realized that no one could make up a story like that. These things will always happen in the world but we must hike on and fulfill our own dreams and let not the sorrows of the world stop us from our goals.


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