[pct-l] Books..... trail luxury

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Tue Apr 21 06:16:44 CDT 2009

Books, probably the greatest invention since the wheel....Love em.
However, when backpacking, every item in my pack must serve a purpose.
I can't think of any useful purpose of a book in my backpack except a 
luxury to fight boredom or entertainment.
When I see some of my hiking buddies bring books I ask myself....did we 
come here to read?
Why am I here?....Why am I backpacking?
The answer is always.... to see, to explore the wilderness.
At the end of a day there are always maps or trail guides to read, a 
ridge, a lake, or a peak to explore.
Those are the reasons why  "I"  came here, not to read a book.

I know, it's probably the restless beast within me.

JMT Reinhold
The restless beast

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